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Conversational AI is too artificial

Nothing is more frustrating than calling a customer support line to be greeted by a monotone, robotic, automated voice. The voice on the other end of the phone is taking painfully long to read you the menu options. You’re two seconds away from either hanging up, screaming “representative” into the phone, or pounding on the zero button until you reach a human agent. That’s the problem with many IVR solutions today. Conversational AI is too artificial. Customers feel they’re not being heard or listened to, so they just want to speak with a human agent.

IBM Watson Expressive Voices 

Luckily, there is a way to fix that problem and make the customer experience more pleasant. With IBM Watson’s newest technology of expressive voices, you will no longer feel like you’re talking to a typical robot; you’ll feel like you’re talking to a live human agent without any of the wait time. These highly natural voices have conversational capabilities like expressive styles, emotions, word emphasis and interjections. Not only do these voices relieve the customer frustration of feeling like they’re talking to a bot, but they also contribute to the goal of call deflection from human agents. It’s a win-win for customers and businesses.